Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WazHack - iPhone and iPad!

WazHack is now available for the iPhone and iPad - download it from the App Store:

The iOS version has a UI designed specially for touch screens, with inventory buttons on the righthand side (they pop up when you select the inventory), and other actions on the left. The UI is scalable too, so you can choose what suits your screen and finger size. When monsters are close, the screen zooms for more precise and fun combat.

I've taken a slightly different approach to the demo in this version. Instead of $5 for the full dungeon after 300 feet, instead each pair of classes is $1. This should better suit people who have already bought the Web, Windows, or Mac version and just want to play their favourite class on-the-go. If it works well, it also provides an avenue to fund the development of additional classes.

Thanks for playing WazHack - I hope you have a much fun playing it as I have developing it!