Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WazHack for Android

How does it play?

The new Android version of WazHack plays very similarly to the Windows version available on Desura. All the same items, all the same monsters, all the same character classes. The UI is adapted to the small screen and "fat finger" touch interface by moving the action buttons to the corners, with most actions within the Inventory button. All game UI is "fattened" to make it easier to use. To make up for the smaller screens Android normally runs on (unless you have an OUYA...), the camera zooms in when enemies are in sight, so fat fingers don't have you picking up a rusty old Orcish chainmail while you're trying to beat on a vampire bat. Because it is built on the same code-base, new features are available for both version - and multiplayer even works between the Android and Windows versions!

Which devices?

Realistically, you'll need a device made in the last year or two, but it certainly works great on a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus - the two devices Waz tests on. But give it a try on your device and comment below. The game uses the same "demo to 300 feet" model of the Windows version, so it's completely free to test out on your device.

All Thanks to Unity

It is the multiplatform nature of the Unity engine that made it possible to do such a port. So if some of your other favourite Indie games are made using the Unity engine, ask the developer for an Android port!