Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WazHack for Android

How does it play?

The new Android version of WazHack plays very similarly to the Windows version available on Desura. All the same items, all the same monsters, all the same character classes. The UI is adapted to the small screen and "fat finger" touch interface by moving the action buttons to the corners, with most actions within the Inventory button. All game UI is "fattened" to make it easier to use. To make up for the smaller screens Android normally runs on (unless you have an OUYA...), the camera zooms in when enemies are in sight, so fat fingers don't have you picking up a rusty old Orcish chainmail while you're trying to beat on a vampire bat. Because it is built on the same code-base, new features are available for both version - and multiplayer even works between the Android and Windows versions!

Which devices?

Realistically, you'll need a device made in the last year or two, but it certainly works great on a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus - the two devices Waz tests on. But give it a try on your device and comment below. The game uses the same "demo to 300 feet" model of the Windows version, so it's completely free to test out on your device.

All Thanks to Unity

It is the multiplatform nature of the Unity engine that made it possible to do such a port. So if some of your other favourite Indie games are made using the Unity engine, ask the developer for an Android port!


  1. Any plans for an iOS version, Waz?

    1. I'll need to save up for a Mac first, but it should be straightforward then, yeah.

  2. Testing on a Galaxy Note. I love the game, tons of fun. The touch controls work really well, I'm glad you went with the current scheme instead of a virtual pad. Frame rate frequently dips down to 12-16 when moving or attacking, especially when opening doors. Most of the time it hovers around 24-30 fps. Anyway, thanks for another great roguelike for android!

  3. Excellent! Testing on an HTC One X. Though graphics seems to be stretched - have you rendered for 4:3? As far as I know, most new Android phones come with a 16:9 screen - but wait, testing still in progress...

    Weird... the game crashed as I was trying to make a screenshot through the game menu. When I restarted, I began from the top of the same dungeon, with the same artifacts to pick up again. And suddenly game graphics aspect ratio is ok, but menu checkboxes seem streched vertically? Trying to make a screen shot still makes the app crash, but this time I got to continue from whence I where.

    The Unity Engine also certainly puts the GPU to the test. As other graphics intensive games, my phone gets really hot - hence burns battery. Probably little to be done with the latter, I have tried compiling Unity games for all but iOS (silly that you have to own a Mac, would like to make for my iPad as well).

    1. It's certainly designed for 16:9 or 16:10 (in fact, I've got fixes in 1.0.13 to make it work better on 4:3).

      It sounds like some sort of initialization problem.

      Apparently the HTC One X can save a screenshot to the Gallery by:

      Hold down the POWER button and then press the VOLUME DOWN button

      Email it to waz at this domain. Thanks!!!

  4. As the aspect ration suddenly was ok, I did not need to send a screenshot. Checkboxes look about 200% height, but no biggie. The menu screenshot function still crashes the app.

    Bought the app this morning when i couldn't sleep, but my battery died just after... :/ Even while charging, the HTC One X spends more power than it gains while playing 3d games.

    One thing I miss from the desktop version, is labels. As I can't hover, there should be a button to enable all labels.

  5. The app is pretty darn amazing, except I'm having a lot of trouble submitting a bug for a corrupted save file using the in-game report system. I'm playing on a Xoom with JB. The bug report screen doesn't seem to cooperate with the on-screen keyboard, with both Swiftkey and using the stock android keyboard. I've actually gotten the bug report screen to hang up the whole game, and I have to kill it manually. This is even after today's update, and I've cleared all data and cleanly reinstalled the game.

    Besides that, the game is running extremely smoothly on my tablet. The resolution changes are a nice improvement, too.

  6. Keeps crashing on galaxy exhibit from tmobile. I bought the full version after trying to trial version. and love the game. but it consistently crashes after a minute or 2 is there anything to fix I can try. I want to keep on playing is great game

  7. Note 8 user.
    When I have a successful barbarian with a lot of items, seems graphics start swirling all my items around my character.
    Game becomes extremely laggy and I cant get character to move.
    Happens every time.