Thursday, September 6, 2012

Version 1.1 development

The "Steam Engine Thingy" is actually content from WazHack 1.1. Well, maybe not the electrical side of it - I added that for the green light.

Yesterday I finally branched the codebase, primarily so I could try out Unity 4 integration. So far it's looking great. I've even seen a single frame on the game running under Linux (it crashed before the next frame... Unity 4 is still in beta). Certainly I have confirmed that it will be a pretty straight-forward port.

The 1.1 beta will start in a month or two - until then there shouldn't need to be any new updates to 1.0 (but send in bug reports if you find anything nasty!)


Monday, September 3, 2012

WazHack on Steam Greenlight

Steam’s Greenlight service allows players to help decide which content should be released on Valve's Steam platform.

There are hundreds of Indie games up there already, and WazHack is no exception.

Check out:

Just for fun, I put up a new title screen on, or if you're impatient, here is a video:

But it's more fun turning knobs and tooting horns yourself.