Thursday, September 6, 2012

Version 1.1 development

The "Steam Engine Thingy" is actually content from WazHack 1.1. Well, maybe not the electrical side of it - I added that for the green light.

Yesterday I finally branched the codebase, primarily so I could try out Unity 4 integration. So far it's looking great. I've even seen a single frame on the game running under Linux (it crashed before the next frame... Unity 4 is still in beta). Certainly I have confirmed that it will be a pretty straight-forward port.

The 1.1 beta will start in a month or two - until then there shouldn't need to be any new updates to 1.0 (but send in bug reports if you find anything nasty!)



  1. Hello!

    I must first say: WHAT AN AMAZING GAME! =) I was flabbergasted when I found this for my Android-device, doing that weekly dull search on market for "Roguelike" =) It has my girlfriend completely hooked xD

    But one thing I must say: the multiplayer system is really poor, and seems really buggy. It took me days to be able to register (I only got "Not Available" when selecting names I wanted) and after having tried like 100 times, it finally accepted my regular nickname: PerKiller.

    The same sort of struggle for my girlfriend with registering as: Faulirr.

    When we finally registered, we tried to add eachother as friends..I have no idea if that worked or not - it did "kind" mix up our highscore tables, but we cannot start a game together or interact otherwise - also, the mix between terms "Guild House" and "Mulitplayer" is confusing, and so is the system / menus. I sincerely hope you will find a solid system to do multiplayer in upcoming versions, because the game is so solid otherwise! :)

    Keep it up, thanks again

    1. The terms and menus definitely need some rationalisation - it's a bit messy from having 3 different types of account (web, Desura, Android). If you can get as far as being in the same dungeon (I.e. rooms look identical, except items), try using a direct IP connection (in the Networking / Advanced menu in-game).

  2. I'm a big fan, and recently discovered the Android version as well - it is working great! I'd love to hear what features I'll be able to look forward to in 1.1.

  3. How's it going, Waz? I'm ready for the beta...


    1. A bit delayed by holidays and storms, but well under way now - stay tuned!