Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WazHack on Steam

WazHack has now been on Steam for just over a year - and it's been a very interesting and exciting year; so exciting that I forgot to even mention the release on this quiet little blog!

The Steam platform has allowed me to greatly improve the reliability of the Multiplayer networking, and Steam's built-in Friends system makes it much easier to play with your existing friends (and make new ones). Of course, Multiplayer is mostly just a novelty - the real game is in single-player, and for that it also allowed for a better Leaderboard system, though that seems to also have brought out the cheaters (I delete the junk, but I've left the very top "scorer" in the leaderboard as I think that's more of an embarrassment than an achievement).

The audience size of Steam is massive - over 8 million players active every day, and about 150 million subscribers in total. This has meant that even a quietly promoted game like WazHack gets enough sales to keep it afloat.

And that's why I've spent the last year working on version 1.3, which includes a load of new features, new game mechanics, and fixes for some of the hairier bugs that couldn't be fixed in a patch for 1.2.

Stay tuned for more on version 1.3!


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