Sunday, May 8, 2022

WazHack 1.4 is here!

With great thanks to all the beta testers, I am proud to announce version 1.4 of WazHack.

This release adds new items, new monsters, and a whole new side-dungeon to celebrate 10 years since WazHack was first released. I won't spoil the details except to say you'll find the new dungeon pretty early in the game.

Modding is now officially supported! Check out the workshop for new playable classes from the wonderful WazHack player community.

Many old bugs have been fixed and the UI polished up. Some of the bugs enabled some crazy tricks by expert players so along with every fix to these... tactics... I've put in a fairly equivalent but bug-free trick for you to discover.

Under the hood this version was a massive effort, porting the entire codebase from 10% to 100% C#, which allowed switching to the latest engine version to support all modern hardware and operating systems and allow higher quality rendering.

I hope you enjoy this fresh new release, and I look forward to continuing WazHack development!