Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Kilogame and other factoids

We've now past 1000 games of WazHack played!

In these first four days of the beta, that is more games than was played by the 6 people who played it online during the entire alpha testing period - for nearly a year! Many obscure bugs have been reported (and all the reproducible ones fixed - go Waz!).

7% of players are on a Mac. Wow! I've never even been able to test it on a Mac. I'm happy! (I'll get it to Linux one day too, I promise).

How Bobey managed to score over 100000 points, I have no idea, even though it was me, personally, who prodded the corpse with my fiery greatsword. I've added extra logging to learn more about extreme possibilities (10 artifacts weapons?).

Basalt and his comrades have weeded out all sorts of bugs that the rest of us will never now experience. Basalt was twice as deep as any current player when that Hellhound pup got in a lucky bite, and in fact he used his inventory to teleport around the deepest bug ever reported!


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