Friday, March 16, 2012

WazHack beta2 is up - Join the Guild!

Whoa! You exceeded my Google App Engine free quota on the first day of the beta1 release.

Beta 2 is now up on, with loads of bug fixes, and some gentle game-balancing.

If you get quite deep in the dungeon (about 800ft), you'll meet someone. He will offer you membership in The Hackers Guild. Take the offer, it's only two bucks during the beta. Or join from the Game Options menu. Thanks!

Thanks also for everyone posting articles, videos, and pictures. Every single one has been truly hilarious (I watched the whole of Etalyx's video, laughing all the time, and not just because he spent 5 levels accidentally fighting barehanded).

I hope no-one is bothered by a $2 price tag. It's about as low as I can go without giving everything to PayPal.

The best thing about this new WazHackers Guild is that now you can play as any character name you like and it will be linked to your guild membership on the global high scores! Anyone on the top-ten today, feel free to email me (waz at this domain), and I'll link your old games up to your Guild account (no cheating, any disputes and I'll pull out my fiery greatsword again! ;-)

I'm off to work on beta3 now - another bug report is already sitting in my mailbox!


  1. Don't use PayPal then! PayPal has long been established to be evil.

    1. Is Google Checkout really any less evil? I'm sure if the U.S. government pressured them, they'd cave too. But I'll look into it anyway.

    2. Paypal's evil is more in terms of them freezing any account that gets too much money all at once. If this game takes off big that could be a problem.

      Personally I'd offer 'all of the above' (google, paypal, venmo and any others you can integrate) and then move over to or one of the real merchant processors when/if your traffic gets high enough.

      Maybe look into international cards too? Paypal doesn't deal well with non-US/EU/UK accounts.

    3. I've looked into Google Wallet support and it looks to need pretty similar integration code as PayPal. Lower fees too. The purchase rate is not a problem - that would be a nice problem to have ;-). It's paying for the server though, that's the main thing during the beta.