Monday, May 14, 2012

Beta 7: Hadrian's Branch

The new release is up on

The dungeon now has a branch! Some fellows seem to have gotten lost while building Hadrian's Wall - they set up camp in the Dungeons of WazHack and have completely missed the fall of the Roman Empire.

The new branch is around 1000 feet (so sorry, guild members only).

There are also 4 new Talents to tweak your character with - Commerce (better prices), Wizardry (faster mana regeneration), Beast Mastery (create tame monsters), and Dweomery (rhymes with "memory" and detects blessings, curses, and enchantments). Now you have 12 ... the choice is getting harder!

Fire isn't quite as deadly now - it doesn't spread from item to item quite so savagely. More foods give fire resistance too.

There are a few new items - an amulet, a scroll, plus the items you'll only find in the side branch.

The rest I'll leave you to discover!

-- Waz --

Stop press: this orcish video made me laugh, so I added Knock/Wizard Lock unlocking/locking of chests.

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