Monday, March 11, 2013

WazHack 1.1 - Android beta

A new build of WazHack 1.1 beta3 is online, and this time it includes the Android APK!

Thanks to all the great feedback I got on the Web version, I expect this will only need a very short beta period, unless problems show up on specific Android devices. I now have 3 wildly different devices that I test on, and all 3 look great. With all the performance improvements in this release, I've been able to add support for MSAA (anti-aliasing) on Android - looks are works great on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

If you haven't played the 1.1 beta yet, now is the time to get on board. Just be more careful about it that Blacklight here...


  1. Got a problem. Bought the game last week but I upgraded the game yesterdays. But now, when I reach level 300, it wants me to go buy it again on the Play store. I suspect it is a game... unless you want us topay it again whenever you update it?!

    1. You may need to use "Restore Purchase" under options for it to re-recognize your purchase; be sure you have version 1.1.1. If added this to the "What's New" / Recent Changes page. Thanks for reporting!